New Work: ‘EVA’

“Lott creates a real tour-de-force. The dancers appear to float and hover weightlessly… a striking and well-matched couple who pull this off with much panache.” David Bellan, York Press

“a great sense of direction and clarity to the piece with moments of perfect balance – an absorbing performance with some real innovation of choreography.” Jess Ryan-Phillips, Oxford Dance Writers

Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) is NASA-speak for spacewalking. The Apollo moon-missions of the late sixties inspire a young couple. Captivated by the energy and hope of the space program, they dream of reaching for the stars themselves… Beyond the sliver of atmosphere that encapsulates life on earth, their fragile human bodies roll, tumble, pitch and yaw in the dark uncertainties of space. 

Set to the haunting sounds of the Balanescu Quartet, combined with archival audio recordings from mission control and the voyager satellite, EVA is an intriguing and uplifting dance and theatre show. 

Commissioned by: Dancin’ Oxford Festival 2016 and reworked in 2019 
Duration: 22 minutes
Reviews: Oxford Dance Writers, York Press
Funders: Arts Council England, Kickstarter supporters, Oxford Dance Forum, Dancin’ Oxford Festival, Wayne Macgregor Studios, Pegasus Theatre